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Package a – javascript mocking framework

Me and Adlan Elmurzajev have just published – a javascript mocking framework for nodejs. It’s called a,  and is installed by npm . In addition to regular mocking, it can also stub require() – that means you can do proper unit … Continue reading

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10 Reasons why you SHOULD write your own DAL

 Intro Usually, you see posts with the opposite header: 10 reasons why you should not create your own DAL / ORM. And there are certainly lots of legitimate reasons why you should not,  but in some cases there are some … Continue reading

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Tennis Kata with state transition tree

I have just published my specs of the Tennis Kata at github. I am using our inhouse infrastructure for unit testing. This means separating the Act from the Assert by having two different classes. We also use a inheritance in … Continue reading

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Presenter meets Visitor

Here are the slides from my presentation at NNUG 30.09.2010. (First slide in Norwegian, rest in English) . It is from a real world experience when presenting heterogenous data in a grid. The example walkthrough uses GOF patterns and Single Responsibility … Continue reading

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Ny visning 16. november

For de som ikke fikk med seg visninga i helga, vil det være en ny visning tirsdag 16. november kl. 15.00 – 16.00. Finn-kode: 25421438 Finn-link:

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Vi vurderer å selge huset på Åndalsnes

Huset ligger i Romsdalsveien 79. Byggeår 1987. Godt vedlikeholdt, solrik beliggenhet, flott utsikt med skjermet hage. Ta kontakt på epost eller tlf 977 64 916 hvis aktuelt. Det vil være en visning i dag, 09.november  kl. 19.30. Ellers visning … Continue reading

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